Auto Racing Flag Rules

The flags in auto racing is the way that officials communicate with the drivers. By understanding what the flag is saying you will be able to know exactly what the drivers know during a race. The first thing to understanding the flag language in auto racing is to understand

Auto Racing Jargon

Communication Is They Key To Understanding In auto racing, like many other industries, there is a language of its own. There is terminology that is not of the average understanding. There are words that are commonly used that have a definite meaning. One example would be the word ‘Apron.’

Pit Stops

Granted, when it comes to auto racing, regardless of whether you’re talking about NASCAR, Indy Car, LeMans or any other type, if a car has to make pit stops, the entire race can hinge on how the pit stop progresses. How well a crew chief plays pit strategy and

How To Borrow Money To Buy A Car

When an individual is on a budget, buying the car of their dreams will not happen immediately. Money will have to be borrowed from a financial institution to cover the amount the customer cannot pay. Credit Scores Do Not Always Matter Regardless of whether a person has no credit,

Car Finance Made Simple

Car financing can be simple. It may seem like a hard thing to do, but there are ways to make this easier. It just takes some planning to make good decisions about the car that is being purchased. Research the Vehicle That You Want The vehicle that you want

How To Clean Leather Interiors

The leather inside of a vehicle needs to be cleaned just as any other upholstery. Cleaning techniques for leather require discipline and have to be completed step by step so the fabric does not become ruined. Importance Of Having A Clean Car Cleaning a vehicle helps extend its life.

How To Clean Car Seat Tracks

One of the most overlooked parts of cleaning the interior of your car is making certain the seat tracks are maintained. These tracks are responsible for allowing the seats to easily move forwards and back. Whether the seats are controlled by a button on the side of the seat

How To Clean A Car Ceiling

A New Look For Your Car Ceiling It is a really good feeling to get into your car, and have the fresh smell of a new car because you cleaned your car ceiling. The roof of your car is just as important to keep clean as every other part

How To Check Engine Coolant Levels

Engine coolant is very vital in a car. It helps to cool the car and prevent overheating which can lead to different problems. It also enables the engine to continue functioning well. Below is how to check engine coolant levels. Park your car under a shade You need to

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